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Critical review of the AFRD website for Newcastle University

The University of Newcastle is one of the UK’s lead organisations for teaching and research in the Agricultural, Rural and Land-based Sciences.

In this highly competitive sector and at a time of significant organisational restructuring, the AFRD wanted to update their website as an important promotional tool for potential students, researchers and businesses in the sector.

During this short-term project, we carried out a review of the structure and content of the AFRD website. By identifying the unique selling points of The University and by taking account of initiatives such as the review of NU Farms and the organisational restructuring that were taking place at the time, we provided advice on the content and restructuring of the website.

This involved listening to key personnel, careful review of competitor offerings and the subsequent provision of advice on the update of content together with suggested changes to the website structure. Following implementation these changes have ensured that the digital promotion of the AFRD is vibrant, informative and accurate and, importantly, appeals to their target audiences.

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Posted on

13th September 2017